Maroon Silk Tie with plaids


Maroon Silk Tie with plaids. Tie made in Italy, in a very modern design. Width, 7 cm.

Υλικό Γραβάτας: Μετάξι
Σχέδιο Γραβάτας: Μικροσχέδιο
Πλάτος Γραβάτας: Κανονικές
Κατασκευαστής: Octopus
Χρώμα Γραβάτας: Κόκκινο

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Maroon Silk Tie with plaids. An excellent, silk tie, made in Italy. Extremely deep color, discreet gloss, wonderful design. A classy tie but also very modern, very high quality, that you will wear forever. Width, 7 cm.

For questions about the product call us at 2130386733.

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