Silk Tie and Handkerchief set, blue polka dots, 7 cm. 2


  • Silk set with tie and handkerchief in blue.
  • Tie 7 cm wide
  • Pattern with small, white polka dots.
Υλικό Γραβάτας: Μετάξι
Σχέδιο Γραβάτας: Πουά
Πλάτος Γραβάτας: Κανονικές
Κατασκευαστής: Messaggero
Χρώμα Γραβάτας: Μπλε

Out of stock

Silk Tie and Handkerchief set, blue, with white polka dots, 7 cm. Impressive set, made of excellent, thick, satin silk. Very nice, modern set, easy to wear. Each item can be worn with great ease and on its own and combined with other accessories.

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