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Hugo Purple Silk Tie
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Hugo Purple Silk Tie


  • Hugo Boss Silk Tie.
  • Width 7.5 cm.
  • Excellent, classic tie that matches everything.
  • Luxurious, heavy, silk fabric.
  • From the luxury line of BOSS with the black label.
  • Made in Italy.
Κατασκευαστής: Hugo Boss
Υλικό Γραβάτας: Μετάξι
Σχέδιο Γραβάτας: Μικροσχέδιο
Πλάτος Γραβάτας: Κανονικές
Χρώμα Γραβάτας: Μωβ

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HUGO BOSS silk tie, 7.5 cm. in purple with a small design. An excellent, luxurious tie made of heavy, silk fabric. Very impressive tie, in bright color.

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